About Squire Wood's

Unscented wax
Not everyone wants perfume under their nose all day. That's why our first product was an unscented, all natural wax.


Spearmint wax
A hint of mint goes a long way! Freshen up your day and that of those (very) close to you.


Canadian Maple wax
An amazing all-Canadian scent!

WARNING: May cause uncontrollable urges for pancakes and French toast!

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The majority of our products are all natural, because we know that the environment is important, and no one wants a blend of chemicals resting on their upper lip, mixing in with their food, and assaulting their olfactory senses.

Squire Wood's Moustache Wax

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Our dedicated YouTube channel is now up and running! Check it out... New videos are coming soon!

Our products are very competitively priced at $16 Canadian for a 1-oz tin.

Buy some for yourself or as a great gift for that moustachioed man in your life!!

Squire Wood's now available through Executive Neckwear!

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with online retailer Executive Neckwear! Stop by. Pick up a beautiful silk tie and men's accessories, and grab some Squire Wood's wax at the same time!!

Squire Wood's Moustache Wax is an all-natural wax, made right here in Canada's National Capital. We strive to offer a high quality product that will please demanding customers seeking great control and environmental responsibility. We use only the best materials and we listen to what our customers tell us.  We want you to try our products and let us know what you think. We think you will fall in love with them!

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